Aurora Josephson interviews painter Melinda Thorsnes

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Tue, 01/12/2021 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
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Aurora Josephson interviews painter Melinda Thorsnes

On Tuesday Jan 12, 2021 Aurora Josephson interviews painter Melinda Thorsnes about her current work, including a series of anti-MAGA paintings.   Thorsen talks about the life of an artist during COVID and being a binge and purge painter.  


Thorsnes does not have a show up currently, but here is some information about her work.

Oregon artist, Melinda Thorsnes’ richly colored, provocative paintings offer audacious characters that seem to jump off the picture plane pushing the viewer’s sensibilities fearlessly into familiar, yet foreign, territory. Thorsnes deals openly with the emotional discourse of human interaction. Her depictions of seemingly familiar faces and settings give way to ephemeral Fellini like moments that turn routine ‘feral’ and reality into dreamscape. Her recent work deals with the times we live in. The theme of these new paintings is the crisis and disgrace we are facing as a nation, due to divisiveness in the political arena. She expresses her observations through richly colored, narrative paintings that continue the traditions of American genre painting.

Thorsnes studied at the California College of the Arts before graduating from the Museum Art School (now the Pacific Northwest College of Art) and has exhibited her work widely since the early 1970's. Her work is in public collections including Granite Falls Middle School, WA; City of Salem, Civic Center; Richmond High School, Seattle; Elmhurst Elementary School, Tacoma; Portland Community College; and the State of Oregon; and in the permanent collections of the Portland Art Museum, and the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem. This will be Melinda's 5th solo show at our gallery." - Michael Parsons Fine Art. 

Contact info:
Michael Parsons Fine Art
716 SW Madison Street
Portland, Oregon 97205

Phone: 503-206-8601



Please contact the artist at for information.




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