Program Proposal Form

Thank you for showing interest in becoming a programmer at KBOO!

Please fill out the form below along with a 1 hour Pilot Episode.

There are many openings below, but nothing is Set in stone. Iif you feel you can only commit to a 1 or 2 hour show X times a month just make a note of it and we can work it into the schedule!

Feeling intimidated by the commitement? No worries! We have plenty of opportunities for commitment free programming.

AudioPilot and Radiozine are KBOO's Music and Public Affairs timeslots dedicated to giving new programmer's a chance to test out the airways.

Test it out and see how you like it! Just make a note of it below.



Open Format

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday Midnight - 3am

Every Other Thursday 3 - 5:30am

Every Other Saturday 3 - 6am

Every 1st and 3rd Friday 8 - 10pm

3rd and/or 5th Sundays 8-10pm


Closed Format

Every 4th Monday 11pm - Midnight - Radio Theater

Every 5th Monday 11pm - Midnight - Comedy

Every 2nd Friday 9 - 10am - Public Affairs

Every 3rd Wednesday 9 -10am - Public Affairs

Every Tuesday 7 - 8pm - Public Affairs / Public Affairs - Music Hybrid


The Folk Collective also has an opening!

A Collective is a group of programmers that collaboratively manage a program, typically dividing up the hosting responsibilites between members.

3rd  Mondays on Folk Espresso 5:30 - 7am


If you are interested in joining the Folk Collective or have any questions please email


Please note that if you have not been onboarded as a KBOO volunteer, then you will be expected to attend a virtual Orientation and FCC Legal Class.

Proposals will be reviewed by Program Staff, and/or the Program Advisory Committee. Accepted Applicants will be notified by October 14th. Approved Proposals will be kept on file by the Program Director.