I Am Not Your Negro: James Baldwin

Airs at: Mon, 01/21/2019 at 8:30am - 9:00am
Produced for More Talk Radio
  Master filmmaker Raoul Peck envisions the book James Baldwin never finished, Remember This House. The result is a radical, up-to-the-minute examination of race in America, using Baldwins original words and flood of rich archival material. I Am Not Your Negro is a journey... Read more

Palm Oil - A Climate Disaster

Airs at: Mon, 01/21/2019 at 10:00am - 11:00am
Produced for Locus Focus
In the mid-2000s, Western nations, led by the United States, began drafting environmental laws that encouraged the use of vegetable oil in fuels. But this ambitious move to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and curb global warming, had unforeseen consequences. Warnings that t... Read more

MLK Day LIVE: "We've Come This Far..."

Airs at: Mon, 01/21/2019 at 11:00am - 6:00pm
KBOO will again broadcast live, for the 34th year, from the 34th anniversary of the World Arts Foundation's annual "Keep Alive the Dream" Commemoration of Martin Luther King Day in Portland. The broadcast will be from 11 am to 6 pm on Monday January 21st, 2019. World Arts ... Read more

2019 Resolution: Free Leonard Peltier!

Airs at: Mon, 01/21/2019 at 6:30pm - 7:00pm
Produced for Prison Pipeline
Adam Carpinelli interviews civil rights attorney Larry Hildes about Indigenous Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier.  Discussion will focus on supporting Leonard's legal defense as well as the event that occurred on Jan 20th in Portland, OR.    Jan 20th event to help with l... Read more

R.I.P. : 2018 Part 2

Airs at: Tue, 01/22/2019 at 3:00am - 5:30am
Produced for Vinyl Pajama Party

10th Anniversary of Fuse Theatre

Airs at: Tue, 01/22/2019 at 11:00am - 11:30am
Produced for Stage and Studio
  Dmae highlights Fuse Theatre Ensemble's 10th Anniversary original celebration works which are also part of the Fertile Ground Festival. She features Jane Comer and her piece I am an Actress and Rusty Newton Tennant, creator and director of unde+ec+able. Also featured are... Read more

Joseph Gallivan interviews painter Elise Wagner

Airs at: Tue, 01/22/2019 at 11:30am - 12:00pm
Produced for Art Focus
On Tuesday January 22, 2019, at 11.30 a.m. Joseph Gallivan interviews painter Elise Wagner. She talks about her encaustic painting and printmaking practice, the importance of social media and her business model for surviving as an artist in Portland. From http://www.elise... Read more

Rent speculation and the selling (off) of Portland, with guest Jonathan Ogden

Airs at: Wed, 01/23/2019 at 8:00am - 9:00am
Produced for Wednesday Talk Radio
        https://www.bloomberg.com/tosv2.html?vid=&uuid=7f16f720-1e71-11e9-afc4-e132fc08f8bf&url=L2dyYXBoaWNzLzIwMTktcG9ydGxhbmQtb3Bwb3J0dW5pdHktem9uZXMvP2ZiY2xpZD1Jd0FSM1prYkVibmlRVTlEdFlJekFOX0ZVcnlwTVFDVUFJSEFSS002YmZLMnprM3JKZ2pjVjZta3UyS2Qw Read more

Annual Gene Harris Special with co-host Ernie Drapela

Airs at: Wed, 01/23/2019 at 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Produced for Jazz in the Afternoon
Between, and in honor of, Dr. Marin Luther King Jr.'s Day, and Black History Month to follow,     KBOO debuts Gene Harris' Hawaii music from 2 to 3:30.      After 3:30 jazz calendar, Gene's original 1950s 3 Sounds music airs to 4 p.m. Read more

Phil Proctor

Airs at: Thu, 01/24/2019 at 11:30am - 12:00pm
Produced for Words and Pictures
  Phil Proctor co-founded the legendary Firesign Theatre comedy troupe over 50 years ago, and has never slowed down since.  Best known for his contribution to such groundbreaking albums as How Can You Be In Two Places at Once When You're Not Anywhere at All, he's also a ve... Read more

Voting in America - Man, We Are in Trouble

Airs at: Fri, 01/25/2019 at 10:00am - 10:15am
Produced for Valley Views
Being a Campaign Manager for my husband’s bid for Benton County Commissioner this past year put me in a unique position to hear people’s emotions, perceptions and misconceptions around the act of voting.  Voting is an activity that I view as not only a civil right, but a sa... Read more

Interview with Rodeo Activist Eric Mills

Airs at: Mon, 01/28/2019 at 11:30am - 12:00pm
Produced for Voices for the Animals
  On this episode of Voices for the Animals, host Courtney Scott talks to long time anti rodeo activist Eric Mills of Action for Animals-Oakland. Eric takes us on a journey to the dark side or rodeo, where he explains no rodeo events, calf roping etc, were ever practiced b... Read more

Fruit Geode

Airs at: Thu, 02/14/2019 at 11:00am - 11:30am
Produced for Between the Covers
  How does a body do what it does: make love, mistakes, create life, exist after life; how does a body evolve, celebrate, regret, reconsider its big and small moments: these are the passionate concerns of Alicia Rabins’ Fruit Geode, a book that I could not stop reading onc... Read more

KBOO DJs and our TopTen lists for 2018

We are music fiends and list makers, and here are the KBOO DJs Top Ten lists for 2018. Marti Clemons -  KBOO Archivist 1. Janelle  Monáe - Dirty Computer 2.  boygenius - boygenius 3. Loma - Loma 4. Julia Holter - Aviary 5. Mitski - Cowboy 6. Beach House - 7 7. Marem Ladso... Read more