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KBOO Community Radio holds open meetings concerning the operations and programming of KBOO in accordance with requirements of the Communications Act of 1934, 47 U.S.C. 396, et seq. as amended, and certification requirements promulgated by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Information about KBOO Community Radio's open meeting policy is also available by calling the station at 503-231-8032 and selecting extension 205. Board meetings will be conducted at 20 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214 unless otherwise noted. Please call 503-231-8032 to verify if a meeting is being held. To request notice of board meetings in writing, please e-mail manager(at)kboo(dot)fm.

La estación comunitaria KBOO sostiene Juntas abriertas a la comunidad, sobre las operaciónes y programas en KBOO en accordancía con las requisitos de la 1934 Acto de Communicación, 47 U.S.C. 396, et seq. según amendado, y requistos de certificación promulgado de la Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Puedes encontrar información sobre las reuniónes de la estación comunitaria KBOO, llamando a 503-231-8032, con la extencion 205. Juntas directivas van a ser conducidos en 20 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214 a menos que se indique lo contrario. Porfavor, llama a 503-231-8032 para verificar si la junta llevará a cabo. Sí desea la junta en papel, puedes contactar por coreo electronico. 

Next Board Meeting

March 22, 2021, 6:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

We will be using ZOOM for this meeting due to health concerns of COVID-19.

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2019 Annual Meeting & Board Candidate Statements

2018 Annual Report

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Kathryn 'KatMeow' Garcia

Executive Committee, Engineering Committee

Vice President Ruba Leech

 Personnel/Governance Committee

Treasurer Emma Lugo

Finance Committee, Personnel/Governance Committee,Executive Committee

Secretary Alyssa Hundersmarck

Development/Events Committee

Board Member Marvin Raines

Nominating Committee, Programming Advisory Committee

Board Member Brian Setzler Personnel/Governance Committee, Executive Committee (At-Large Member), Strategic Planning Committee (ad hoc)
Board Member Laurie Mercier

Development Committee, Nominating Committee,

Board Member

Shaheed A. Haamid

Program Advisory Committee, Personnel/Governance Committee
Board Member Karla Cruz Development Committee
Board Member


Jessica Almroth

Nominating Committee,Development & Events Committee, Strategic Planning Committee (ad hoc)
Board Member Stephanie Rider Finance Committee, Strategic Planning Committee (ad hoc)
Board Member Layla Kanaan Engineering Committee
(Bold committee names indicate who are the board liaisons to the committee.)

Current KBOO Board Members:


KatMeow García (Board President)

I want to help KBOO continue its 50+ year legacy and succeed at its 2021 strategic goals. For the past three years I have had a track record of advocating for equity and humanitarianism on the KBOO board, within its policies and communications. I will continue to do this important work because it resonates with me, living a life with multiple intersections of marginalization. I am a Latinx, nongender conforming, queer person. I am trilingual and come from a working class migrant farming family. I have a degree in film and social justice from the Evergreen State College and studied successful nonprofits while living and working in rural Nicaragua and China. I can offer my strong background in social justice, and independent media production to KBOO. I have many ties to underserved communities in Portland and have experience in activism. Recently, I was featured in a zine published by POW highlighting local women and non-binary directors. I was also part of the documentary, Arresting Power, resisting police violence in Portland. During my time on the KBOO board I have served as the Nominating Committee liaison, the Development Committee liaison, and board Secretary. I have done work amplifying the voices of youth and immigrants, reaching out to current and new members and donors for sustained giving and documenting board meetings in order to stay in accordance with CPB funding requirements. I have also severed on multiple hiring committees and for a time served as a check signer and served on the Community Advisory Board. I have continued my regular volunteer work at KBOO as well, producing and subbing for radio programs, recording KBOO promos volunteering for drives and participating in other KBOO events.

As a producer at Open Signal, I have links to many local producers of independent media and a vast library of resources that can be utilized to help promote and support KBOO. I have served on the board of the Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education. I have immense experience volunteering and working with many local media nonprofits like, Outside the Frame, Sista Sistah, Reel Abilities, Freeform Portland, Voz, the Muslim Educational Trust and many more. I look forward to working for KBOO for many more years and finding solutions to oppressive systemic problems.


Ruba Leech (Vice President)

I am a KBOO member and volunteer.  Being a multilingual Immigrant to the US from Palestine, a teacher for over a decade in two different continents, and a professional interpreter for over 4 years has provided me with unique life experiences. I am very passionate about helping any and all communities that need help, as I have shown through my commitment to underserved youth, immigrants and refugees. Working as an interpreter allowed me to both sharpen my communication skills and develop trust and long lasting relationships with multicultural communities facing co-occurring disabilities. I also worked as a school administrator managing a preschool classroom and all students’ individual caseloads. I have had numerous responsibilities as an educator and administrator, including management, budgeting, curriculum choice and implementation, parent conferences, data entry and data analysis. I am very comfortable with paperwork and have excellent organizational skills. 

My work as a teacher, school administrator and activist for social justice has provided me with a wealth of transferable skills that will be useful for my work on the KBOO Board. While I have not served on a Board before, I have received leadership training from the Unite Oregon Pilot program that aims to empower immigrants and refugees to assume leadership positions in the community. Through my work as a teacher, I have worked with kids and families from different social, financial and cultural backgrounds; building long lasting relationships and developing a good rapport with parents, coworkers and children. 

Some of my activist experience includes: working with Unite Oregon for the past two years, canvassing for measure 102 to support affordable housing in Portland, canvassing for Greenpeace, volunteering with Meals on Wheels and being a leader for Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights.

As an immigrant from Jerusalem with experience working with the Arab and Muslim community in Portland, I have a deep understanding of multiculturalism, and a tremendous respect for the importance of diversity. I have spent the past 6 years consciously seeking jobs that allow me to be of help to marginalized communities, assisting them to feel heard and understood.

I would like to serve on the KBOO Board because I wholeheartedly support KBOO’s values and mission, and want to ensure that the station remains steadfast in upholding those values. I have read the strategic plan for KBOO 2017-2021, and am impressed with the commitment to intersectionality, decolonization and diversity. As a person who embodies diversity in my life and my work, I am excited to be part of the leadership of an organization that is so committed to this important work as well.  


Emma Lugo (Treasurer)

 I served on the Board in 2017 for one year and then stepped down due to constant fighting and a lack of willingness to address systemic issues at KBOO including taking appropriate legal  action concerning a lawsuit brought by an employee. Since then I have seen things go from bad to worse at the board, seeing staff of color resign, or get fired by the board. I have seen three women of color leave employment at KBOO in the last year. I have seen a station manager who prioritized dismantling white supremacy and upholding beloved community get fired and leave the country. I am so tired of this that I am willing to come back to the board, with the very real possibility I will be rejected by the current board, because someone needs to serve and help make sense of what is going on. Regarding my qualifications I have served on the board before and have served on the finance committee. I am a programmer and produce two shows dedicated to giving voice to disempowered communities, as a producer for Prison Pipeline and Transpositive. I have also proven at KBOO that I am willing to step aside when my own privilege is called into question as it was in 2018 when Transpositive turned into a collective and one of our members also created a separate show in order to find a solution to an imbalance of power in the producing group. Now we have a real collective and we gave one of our time slots to a member who I was in conflict with as a way of resolving our impasse. I understand how to work with conflict as the Secretary of the Pacific Green Party where we have to challenge white supremacy, patriarchy, and efforts by the alt-right to impact our work. Resolving conflict respectfully is an essential part of our work as a community. As to my broader qualifications and life I am a member of KBOO and a journalist of 35 years having produced grassroots media my entire life since college. Also a community organizer I am a member of Jewish Voice for Peace, PeaceJusticeWorks Iraq Working Group, Transgender Day of Remembrance Interfaith Vigil Working Group and the Secretary of the Pacific Green Party. In my personal life I care for adults with Developmental Disabilities and run a Landscape Maintenance business.

Alyssa Hundersmarck (Secretary)




Laurie Mercier 2019-2022

I moved to Portland-Vancouver in 1995 and immediately became a fan and supporter of KBOO. For the past two decades I have been a member of KBOO’s Old Mole Variety Hour collective and a contributor to/producer of its Monday morning public affairs show, which features interviews, reviews, and commentary from a socialist-feminist point of view. In the 1980s I contributed monthly commentaries to Montana Public Radio in opposition to US policies and wars in Latin America. As a long-time activist and supporter of community radio, and as a labor and gender history professor, my work has aligned with KBOO’s values--in particular with its commitments to community, progressive perspectives, and diversity, and to amplifying the voices of activists and scholars from diverse communities in struggle for a more just society/world. Like many KBOO volunteers who have long supported the station but have not yet been able to step up to serve on the board, I believe that this is an important time—with so many empty board seats, the need to insure a quorum on critical decisions, and staff positions to fill—to volunteer for this work. If elected to the board, I will work to strengthen board transparency and process, and increase staff and volunteer input, to help improve station climate, financial health, outreach, and programming. I embrace a collaborative and democratic working style and have several decades of experience serving on various nonprofit, professional, and editorial boards, and as an officer for a union and faculty organization. KBOO is a public treasure that needs to be preserved, its progressive values respected, and its reach expanded. In an era of climate crisis, increased inequality, and military aggression, our public airwaves and community-run radio stations are key for delivering alternative, non-corporate news, analyses, and music. I hope to work with others to advance KBOO’s mission, expand its audiences, and help it embrace the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.


Marvin Raines



Shaheed A. Haamid

I came to the station in 1980. My support for KBOO is not coincidental and is not fickle. I support KBOO because KBOO supports me. KBOO supports my potential as a citizen of Portland. KBOO supports my social and cultural aspirations as a member of the station. KBOO supports my access to the cultural fabric of my community. In short I trust KBOO and I understand in order to honor my commitment to KBOO I must be a part of KBOO’s leadership. I have tried to show that for the last 37 years and will continue to show my support through my work as a board member, programmer, volunteer and member listener.


Karla Cruz

I bring the respect and the essence of a BIPOC & POC woman’s point of view and diversity to the KBOO Board Room and the seat I currently hold.

 I dedicate a big part of my life in working alongside my community in the realms of Immigration, Social Justice, Financial Literacy, Fundraising, Workers Rights Advocacy, Community Advocacy, Canvass and Support Legislation/ Laws that protect our communities as a whole. Currently I hold an Executive Director position with Fuerza Oregon Advocacy Association. I’m a promoter with The Proyecto de Solideridad de Immigrantes through Adelante Mujeres. My experience working with MetroEast producing, Editing and creating Videos, TV Shows, Audio & Visual Recording, gave me the skills I need to fully in depth understand the programming process to better serve as a Board Member to KBOO.

I whole heartedly ached with the dismay of a conflicted Board body (previous to this Board Member Body) in which as a Loyal KBOO Member like everything else that I have passion for. Using my voice, seriousness, love, strength, community respect, humility & solidarity to uphold the KBOO bylaws and Uphold in giving our members, volunteers, employees & community the best from me.

In my professional life I serve my community as an Accountant with 24 years of experience. I have held Financial Literacy workshops sponsored by Adelante Mujeres, BNI, The City of Beaverton & The City of Hillsboro. I will bring all my Business and accounting skills to our Board Room & Financial Committees that I hold a seat with a vote. I thank our Board Members and KBOO community for allowing me to be a humble community servant. Yours Truly with Love and Service.

Layla Kanaan

Jessica Almroth

Stephanie Rider

Brian Setzler

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