How do we balance life in today's digital world?

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020 - 10:32pm
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An interview with doreen dogen magee
How is our new digital world shaping changing us? How do we create, resist or change  social norms around digital devices?   Tune in to Radiozine on Friday at 9am. Suzanne LaGrande talks  with psychologist, activist, speaker doreen dogen magee who has just published Deviced: Balancing Life and Technology in Today's Digital World. Technology has allowed us to be connected to more people and more kinds of people that ever before. Social anxiety and depression are on the rise,  and there is evidence to suggest it is connected to our increasing reliance electronic media in place of face to face communication. How  can we set limits to media use when we are required to be responsive to a variety of media at school, work and within our interpersonal relationships?  Tune in for a thoughtful discussion on how media is changing our world for better and for worse.