KBOO Diversity Statement

NOTICE: KBOO’s board meeting scheduled for Monday, July 22nd at 6PM has been cancelled. The reason for the cancellation is that many board members are traveling/on vacation and so quorum is not possible. The next scheduled board meeting will be on Monday, August 26th at 6PM. Questions or comments can be emailed boardfeedback@kboo.org. Thank you.

KBOO Diversity Statement

KBOO recognizes that individual, systemic, and institutional oppressions have deprived many groups and individuals of equal employment opportunity. Further, KBOO’s mission and charter ensure that we will focus on those who are most underserved in our community. It shall therefore be the goal of KBOO to have demographic representation with regards to membership on the Board of Directors, Community Advisory Board, volunteers, and paid staff reflect, and preferably exceed, the percentage of targeted groups in our community. KBOO shall vigorously seek to achieve these goals through an annual strategy tied to our long-term strategic plan and goals.

Of our 11 members of the Board of Directors, 4 (36%) are people of color (including African-American, Native American, Mexican, and Arabic-American identities). Our Board President is of Latina/Mexican heritage. Six members (54%) are women, several identify as having experience with houselessness and/or extreme poverty, people with disabilities, and most (8-72%) have been programmers at the station. 

Of our staff of 14, including our Youth Collective contractor, 2 (14%) are people of color (African-American and Philipino-American), 11 (78%) are women, 6 (42%) identify as queer and several have experienced houselessness, poverty and experience disabilities. 

KBOO is committed to equity and diversity, and has programmers and programs from many cultures. Thirty percent of KBOO's on-air programmers are people of color. KBOO broadcasts several hours a week of Spanish language programs as well as programs in Italian, Farsi, Yiddish, and Dutch. KBOO has programs serving the African-American, Hispanic, Native American and Asian American/Pacific Islander communities. KBOO has programs made by prisoners, labor activists, populations experiencing houselessness, LGBTQQ groups, youth, and more. Our commitment to equity extends beyond our programming: KBOO is building an inclusive, empowering atmosphere with an active focus on deconstructing institutional oppressions wherever they might exist.

In the past two years, KBOO has focused on strengthening and internalizing its commitment to diversity through trainings, informal work and policy development. Included in that is:

  • A required anti-racism training that is conducted annually for all lead volunteers (Board of Directors, on-air programmers, project leaders, etc.)
  • A continuing Beloved Community group which meets regularly to do deep anti-racism, anti-sexism training and exploration of intersectional oppressions.
  • The establishment of KBOO’s People of Color Caucus which provides support, advocacy and a venue for proposing policy changes.

KBOO’s goals for maintaining and increasing diversity are written into our 3-Year Strategic plan, and include the following under our first strategic goal — By 2020, KBOO has deepened its internal and external connections to build “the Beloved Community.” Our objective is that people of color, women, trans people, youth and people with disabilities will have increased leadership roles, programming, and training and volunteer time and will report that KBOO has significantly reduced micro-aggressions and systemic oppressions- helping to make KBOO a model for anti-oppressions work and a place where all people can thrive.


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