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Things I Learned in Sound Reinforcement
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An ever-expanding listing of sound resources...


-Koerth-Baker, M. (2016, July 7) The Loudest sound in the world would kill you on the spot. 

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An absolutely FABULOUS, kid-friendly introduction to how sound works and what we can and cannot hear as humans. 

-Pierre-Louis, K. (2017, May 5) Humans are infecting our wild lands with our noises. 

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A recent article by Kendra Pierre-Louis on the effects of human-induced noise.

-The Macaulay Library 

The incomparable Macaulay Library is one of the world's oldest sound libraries and is the leading archive of scientific biological recordings. Located at the Cornell Lab of Orthinology at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

-The National Park Service Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division 

The division of the US National Park Service devoted to studying and protecting the sounds of our parks. 

-One Square Inch of Silence 

One Square Inch is a conservation project launched by one of the master acoustic ecologists in the US, Mr. Gordon Hempton. I was very fortunate to have stumble upon his book of the same name back in 2008, which brought me back to the roots of my sonic interests and gave me a name for the field I wanted to study in. 

-WILD SOUNDSCAPES IN THE WILD SOUNDSCAPES IN THE NATIONAL PARKS:  An Educational Program Guide to Listening and Recording Recording

The operations and educational manual used by the National Park Service to guide vistiors and park rangers alike in how to approach the sonic heritage of the US written by another master acoustic ecologist, Dr. Bernard Krause

-Sounding Out! Podcast #12:  Listening to the to the Lab of Ornithology

An episode of Sounding Out!, a blog devoted to sound studies, that features an introduction to the work of the scientists at Cornell University's Lab of Orthinology. Some of the recordists featured here will be also be featured in later episodes of Threshold Shift.