Carol Stabile and Bonnie Ratner Interview

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Carol Stabile and Bonnie Ratner
Carol Stabile and Bonnie Ratner are interviewed by Don Merrill

Carole Stabile is an author who wrote "The Broadcast 41", which looked at women who were revolutionaries in early American television, but who had their careers and the diversity they'd begun bringing to it squashed by perfect, patriarchial and white "Leave it to Beaver" imagery and others.  Bonnie Ratner discovered Ms. Stabile's work and was inspired to create a stage play called, "The Terrible Silence" which looks at advertising, corporate media and a similar muffling of women.  Don Merrill talks with Ms. Stabile and Ms. Ratner about both works and how they try to bring the story of flowering feminism and diversity in media from the 1950s and 1960s to today's audiences.


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