Working Out in Recovery

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Sun, 10/10/2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

I was taught in recovery that there are 5 basic things we do to have a successful program including:  1. Get a sponsor 2. Work the steps 3. Be of service 4. Go to meetings 5. Find a higher power.  For some of us there is a 6th basic thing we do for success in recovery and this is working out.  In this month's podcast we start a 3 part series on exercise in recovery.  This 1st podcast is about working with a group at the gym, and how we find a fellowship of recovery in the rooms as well as at the gym.  In this episode we also introduce my co-host Sara B.  Sara will be hosting this monthly podcast with me, the 2nd Sunday of every month. Please welcome her with any comments.  Sara is a person in long term recovery, a yoga instructor, fitness coach with a Master's degree in Conflict Resolution.

Some of the wonderful words of wisdom I took away from the podcast are as follows:
"I would not have stayed clean if I did not have a workout routine"
"It's a privilege to work out"
"It's a spiritual practice" and
"It's my medicine".

Our interviewees in this episode are Ryan and Lizzie.  Both are people in long term recovery who workout regularly and who have made exercise a part of their recovery.  Ryan and Lizzie talk about how working out became a part of their recovery, what the benefits of working out are, what is their weekly routine and what are their future goals?  It was an honor to sit with these 2 on Sunday 10/10 to talk about working out and recovery!

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