Voices from the Edge on 11-04-2010 What were voters thinking?

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Thu, 11/04/2010 - 12:00am
What were voters thinking? Jo Ann and Dave sort through the midterm election rubble to find out!
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What were voters thinking? A look at midterm election results

Voters were angry, distrustful of political insiders and worried about government spending - at least that's the narrative provided by the majority of political pundits. How Oregon voters chose to express their feelings proved far more complex. They said no to a casino and medical marijuana, yes to building more prison space and funding the Oregon historical society and were pretty divided on who should be serving as governor.

This week, Jo Ann and Dave will sort through the midterm results to see what messages voters were trying to send and what it means for Oregonians. Join the conversation and share what made you glad and what disappointed you in this election.
Jo Ann Bowman is a former state legislator, former executive director of Oregon Action, and a long-time leader in the struggle for racial and economic justice. Dave Mazza is a freelance journalist and former editor of The Portland Alliance who has covered and been involved in Portland's civil rights, peace, labor and environmental movements for 20 years.
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