Show #56 - Forgotten Artists & Albums


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Tue, 08/09/2022 - 2:00pm

Have you ever gone back through your old music collection and found an album by an artist that you really liked at the time, but have pretty much forgotten about until you just ran across it? That album has definitely been collecting dust for some time, so you decide to play it and you instantly remember why you liked it so much back in the day. This show presents four of those albums for us.  We each pick two albums and play about 15 minutes of music from each. The artists for this show are Jack Bruce, Ten Yerars After, Undisputed Truth, and James Carr.  


Opener - Ballad Of Spider John by Willis Alan Ramsey
Album 1 - Songs For A Tailor by Jack Bruce. Played by Joe
Song 1 - Theme For An Imaginary Western
Song 2 - Tickets To Water Falls
Song 3 - Wierd of Hermiston
Song 4 - Rope Ladder To The Moon
Album 2 - Cricklewood Green by Ten Years After. Played by Scott
Song 5 - 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain
Song 6 - Love Like A Man
Album 3 - Law Of The Land by Undisputed Truth. Played by Joe
Song 7 - Girl You're Alright
Song 8 - This Child Needs Its Father
Song 9 - Mama I Got A Brand New Thing
Song 10 - If I Die
Song 11 - Walk On By
Album 4 - You Got My Mind Messed Up by James Carr. Played by Scott
Song 12 - The Dark Side Of The Street
Song 13 - Love Attack
Song 14 - That's What I Want To Know
Song 15 - Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
Song 16 - You Don't Want Me
Song 17 - Forgetting You

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