Oregon Author William L. Sullivan, Real Life in Timber Country with Robert Leo Heilman


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Wed, 08/31/2022 - 11:00am to 12:00pm


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Beyond Your Front Door

Writing is about telling a good story and William L. Sullivan knows how to tell a tale. Author of 23 books, Sullivan weaves great stories into everything he writes, whether it's a hiking guide, mystery novel, Viking ship historical account, or any of the other genres he has mastered.

What's it like to build a cabin with no power tools in a remote area of the Coast Range without automobile access, hike almost every trail in Oregon, and travel to Scandinavia to study Viking shipwrecks?

Find out this week as Bill and I unravel a most interesting and true tale about his incredible life here in Oregon and beyond. Bill's Oregon Coast Hiking Guide also will be discussed along with his favorite new trails on the coast. 


Released on 08-18-2022



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Coast Range Radio

Andrew interviews award winning and prolific author, essayist, and commentator Robert Leo Heilman from Myrtle Creek, Oregon. Bob is the author of several books including Overstory Zero: Real Life in Timber Country, Children of Death, and The World Pool: A Literary Variety. He has also been a prolific contributor to guest columns in the News Review in Roseburg.

Bob has recently been the target of violence for his recent writings in his local paper that call out rightwing extremism. We discuss the duty Bob feels as a writer to speak openly about the dangers of the extremism and fear he sees in his community. Bob describes the changes he's seen living in Myrtle Creek for over four decades and the impacts of declining material living conditions on rural people and communities.

Find his book Overstory Zero: Real Life in Timber Country to read his direct experience living in timber country. 


Released on 09-03-2021



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