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Wed, 09/06/2023 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

The Global Sail Wednesday September 6 at 7pm

KBOO Radio Station 90.7 FM Portland Oregon USA

Guest: Mahad Hassan Live on Air.

My name is TK Kapurura, and I am your host this evening. If you just joined us, thank you for listening in and welcome.

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Tonight, we take you to North East Africa (also known as the Horn of Africa). We are referring to Somali as one of the nations in that region. As most of us know, immigrants and refugees come from any spot across the world. Immigration remains a hot topic and it touches millions of people, their friends, and neighbors on any given day.

This evening, our special guest, Mahad Hassan from Somalia. He is based here in Portland, Oregon. I will give him space to introduce himself. Mahad, welcome to the Global Sail show. Will you please introduce yourself to our listeners?

For those just joining us, this evening we want to tour Somalia.

We want to understand the situation and the culture in Somalia. Our guest Mahad will shed some light on what he knows and understands about Somalia based on his lived experience.

For warm up, I will start with a popular song from Somalia.

YouTube Song title and author

Hees (AUN) Faadumo Qaasim


That was a very moving piece from Somalia. What a great song!

This evening we want to hear everything about Somalia. We want to walk in the communities and on the streets in Somalia. We need to feel the social temperature so we can understand what makes Somalia unique or special. We want to understand the way Afghans look at life. What is their idea of life like? We want to be invited to their current issues for informed understanding and empathy. We also want to visit their spaces of comfort and common ground. We want to experience the food, their music, their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

In the studio tonight we feel honored to have Mahad from Somalia. We will have a deep conversation with him as he shares his life experiences.

Mahad, would you please tell our audience where Somalia is and the nations that border Somalia?

What’s the situation in Somalia?

What do you think is the way forward?

What are your hopes and expectations on Somalia?

In this day of war, can you please share what you know as relates to how lives have been impacted by the war?

With the current situation in Somalia, what is your special message to our listeners?

We will play another song from Somalia.

YouTube Second song and Artist name

Dheesha Dheel- Bartamaha


I understand this song is very popular in Somalia.

Mahad, would you please share a little bit on what you know about this song.

We now get back to ordinary life in Somalia on a random day.

What do people in Somalia enjoy doing for fun?

What are their spaces of comfort like?

How do they celebrate events?

Can you describe the groups that gather and what happens as people celebrate as a big group?

Song 3 from Somalia

Hanuunye-Qaarami Kaban


I will kindly task you to share the theme of this song with our audience.

Thank you.

Back to our conversation, would you briefly share the history of Somalia with our audience?

What’s the source of national wealth in Somalia?

In terms of natural resources, what is your country mainly known for on global markets?

What has your experience been like given the current situation in Somalia?

We will be right back. Meanwhile, we will listen to another song from Somalia.


Song  4

I wish I knew How it Would Feel to be free- Nina Simone


For those just joining us, my name is TK Kapurura and I am your host tonight on this Global Sail show. I cover immigrant and refugee experiences from across the world. I am excited to have a conversation with Mahad who is right here with me in the studio and is sharing his immigrant experiences from the Afghan perspective.

Talking about Personal History

Can you please share your life history with our listeners?

How did you end up in the USA?

When was that?

What were your early American experiences like?

What have you been working on?

What lesson have you learned in your life that you can share with the audience?

Do you look forward to relocating to Somalia anytime in future?

Somalia National Culture

Mahad, how would you describe the culture in Somalia?

Talking about cultures, what makes people feel offended in Somalia?

If it were not for the war, how happy do the people of Somalia normally get?

What kind of holidays are celebrated on the Somalia calendar?

If we were to compare how folks in the USA pay attention to holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, which holidays would be comparable to popular USA holidays?

If you just tuned in, my name is TK Kapurura and I am your host on KBOO radio station. You are listening to  The Global Sail show. I cover interesting immigrant and refugee topics from across the world. Thank you for listening this evening. In the studio I am honored to have Mahad from Somalia to discuss a country named Somalia. This is his country of origin.

Mahad, can you please describe the food in Somalia?

What do people enjoy eating there?

What’s the staple food?

What could be a surprise dish from Somalia to share with America?

What’s the most popular dish across the nation?

What’s the least popular dish in Somalia?

What are your food preparation methods like?

Do you have any surprise foods that are only eaten on Somalia?


Talking about religion, how would you describe the religious practices by the people in Somalia?

Are there more dominant religions than others?

What are the most common religious denominations in Somalia?

Do you have any calendar dates that are nationally observed?

Politics in Somalia

What’s the political history in Somalia like?

Any opposition politics?

How is democracy handled in Somalia?

How would you describe the national happiness index?


What’s the economy like?

Work life?




Is there anything else in your heart that you want to share with America?

Thank you Mahad for taking our listeners on this global sail to Somalia. I am sure many of our listeners have enjoyed this informative discussion. I will leave you with another song from Somalia   

Take a minute- K”naan


We have come to the end of the show. As I head out, I want to thank you Mahad for the shared experiences. I am sure America enjoyed your shared experiences and I want to thank every listener for listening to KBOO radio station from Portland Oregon.

Again, I am TK Kapurura, your host on The Global Sail Show. Please tune in again on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm Pacific Time. Until we meet again in the month of September, have a great evening. Mahad please say Goodbye in your language as we head out.   ………………………….Adios! Toonana. Goodbye!!






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