Smart ALEC Oregon: School Privatization


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Mon, 07/07/2014 - 5:00pm to 5:15pm
Network Charter School, Eugene, OR
Smart ALEC Oregon: School Privatization

Originally aired July 7, 2014

The third piece examines how ALEC, through it’s Education Task Force, works with ALEC members in state legislatures to privatize, defund or dismantle public schools through charter schools, voucher programs and tuition tax credits.  In Oregon, the two major charter schools, Connections Academy and K12 Inc. have, through their lobbyists, influenced the legislative branch to grant financial benefit and academic legitimacy to online schools with the effect of taking resources away from public schools, all under the guise of giving parents more “choice”.

The full transcript is here

Some background, from 2012, from Old Mole Variety Hour host Frann Michel.

The official project page, with audio and transcripts, a database of Oregon ALEC bills, a map of ALEC affliated districts, ALEC model bills, Oregon legislation, and useful links,  is here:

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