Inauguration Day Special Coverage

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Fri, 01/20/2017 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
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Pacifica's Live Broadcast from D.C. and Beyond


Reports from protests, rallies, walk-outs across the country and around the world, including: Austin, Chicago, Denver, Lansing, London, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco and the local communities of Pacifica affiliates around the country, voicing what this moment in our nation's history means to citizens.

Speeches on stage and interviews with presenters backstage, interviews with activists around the country and world, voices from citizens around the country.

Some guests and commentators:

Dr. Hatem Bazian, American Muslims for Palestine

Bill Ayers, author, educator, activist

Nihad Awad, Council on Islamic-American Relations

Asma Hanif, president of Metro Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations

Khalliah Sabar, Exec Director, Muslim American Society Immigrant Justice Center (MS)

Naim Baig, Director, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)

Omar Lee, Director, Virginia Coalition of Conscience

Tariq Nelson, Director of Youth Outreach, American Muslim Alliance (AMA)

Son of Nun - hip hop artist and organizer

Sean Blackmon - Stop Police Terror Project DC

Eugene Puryear - Justice First

Reverend Lennox Yearwood - Hip Hop Caucus

Reverend Dr Rodney Sadler - North Carolina NAACP

Ray McGovern - former CIA Analyst and Journalist

Ramsey Clark - former US Attorney General

Professor Jodi Dean - Author, Hobart &a William Smith Colleges

Paul Passavant - We Are Seneca Lake (anti-fracking group)

Laura Samendra - We Are Seneca Lake (anti-fracking group)

Medea Benjamin - Co-founder of CODE PINK

Mara Verheydan-Hilliard - Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

Carl Messineo - Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

Margaret Flowers - Popular Resistance

Kevin Zeese - Popular Resistance

Mahdi Bray - American Muslim Association

Karina Garcia - National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

Jonathan Hutto - Prince George's County People's Coalition

Graylan Hagler - Plymouth Congregational Church

Col. (ret.) Ann Wright - Veterans for Peace

Brian Becker - National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition

Professor Cornell West - Harvard University Professor

WPFW reps.

Phil Wylato - UNAC (United National Anti-War Committee)

Dr. Jared Ball - imixwhatilike, Morgan State University

Ariel Gold - CODE PINK

Pam Africa - M.O.V.E.

Rep. -- Washington Teacher Union

Julie Hurwitz-- Attorney for Class Action lawsuit for Flint, Michigan residents

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