Radical Mycology Convergence - Networking for Connection and Healing

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Wed, 09/26/2018 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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Convergence organizers discuss fungal role in personal, societal and planetary wellbeing


Fungi have often gotten a bad rap or been neglected, but for Radical Mycologists the potential value in human/mushroom interactions are unlimited, and their investigations embrace mycology through science, art, philosophy, sociology, religion ancient history. Peter McCoy founded Radical Mycology, in 2006, as an organization and grass roots movement for working with fungi and getting the word out about their benefits -- for the individual, society and the the health of the planet. He's also published a 700 page book, titled Radical Mycology, A Treatise on Seeing and Working With Fungi. For the past 6 years the organization has sponsored the Radical Mycology Convergence for fungi lovers, artists, activists, naturalists and permaculturalists of all stripes. The 2018 Convergence, Oct 12 to 14, takes place just 25 miles from Portland in Molino, Oregon, with topics ranging from fungal art and music to mushroom cultivation, and from making fungal medicines to mitigating pollution via mycoremediation.  Learn more by tuning into the Recovery Zone to hear from organizers Jason Scott and Laura Kennedy, as well as Peter McCoy. 



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