Resist Like Our Lives Depend On It

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Fri, 04/19/2019 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Book cover showing bronze statue of girl standing defiantly in front of the Wall Street bull
We are a part in a long struggle to make the world a better place- take that torch and keep it going!

Join us for a conversation with Michael G. Long, editor of the new book We The Resistance: Documenting a History of Nonviolent Protest in the United States.

Compiling first hand accounts of non-violent resistance movements from 1657 through the present, Michael Long contextualizes the current struggle for a just and equitable world. Our forebears come alive as they tell the stories of their own struggle, and the methods they used to engage the power structure that insists on the inequalities, oppression, and exploitation of human beings as well as the planet.

With a foreword by Chris Hedges, and an afterword by Delores Huerta, We the Resistance inspires us as we take our place in history, continuing and evolving the struggle for a better world.

Whether you are new to the struggle, or you've been a lifelong activist, know that we all have a part to play in this intergenerational, multicultural, people's struggle for the common good and a healthy planet.

The movement for a more just and sustainable world is a relay race - take a torch and pass it on.


City Lights Books has made copies of We the Resistance available with your support.  Listen in and remember to give generously to keep KBOO strong!