Gay Shame: Fighting Techies and YIMBYs in the Bay Area; 3rd Wednesday w/ Portland Assembly

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Wed, 08/21/2019 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Common conditions and common enemies in the battle for community housing, with two members of S.F.'s Gay Shame



Hyper-gentrification and the displacement that goes along with it aren’t just a Portland phenomenon; the same people and companies are driving it in cities across the country. Today Sara and Jonathan from Portland Assembly will talk to Ralowe Ampu and Toshio Meronek from Gay Shame in San Francisco about our common conditions and the common enemies we face in the battle for community housing. 


We’ll talk a little about the Curious Case of the Up For Growth Coalition and their goal to push pro-development talking points through paid and unpaid (and possible unsuspecting) YIMBY shills, the problems of art and queer-washing, and the way that tech fits into the housing problem in the Bay. We’ll also hear about some successful strategies in calling out and pushing back against harmful YIMBY narratives through an anti-capitalist lens.

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