Deconstructing Depp and the aborted Dior Sauvage ad: the continuing cultural colonization of indigenous America

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Wed, 09/11/2019 - 8:00am to 9:00am
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Discussion of Johnny Depp's Sauvage Ad with Jacqueline Keeler


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Don't Feed the #Pretendian

Discussion of Johnny Depp's Sauvage Ad with Native journalist and monthly co-host Jacqueline Keeler . 

Dior's recent pulling of a Sauvage ad campaign featuring Johnny Depp calls into question a Native American organization's role in approving it after a backlash on social media. Can Pretendians be brought into the fold to genuinely help Native Americans? Or is the act of appropriating identity too laden with colonization and a sense of entitlement to Indigenous identity?

Depp Sauvage: the scent of appropriation

Johnny Depp Responds to Dior's "Sauvage" Campaign Backlash (UPDATE)

Dior Sauvage – The new fragrance (Official Director’s cut)

Depp, Paula Deen & the Washington R-word

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