The Digital Divide for March 2020: MAPS Psychedelic Research

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Fri, 03/13/2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
MAPS.ORG interview with Rabia Yeaman
Encore Episode: Host Rabia Yeaman interviews Brad Burge of MAPS Psychedelic Research

Today we will be listening to an encore episode of The Digital Divide from 2014 featuring an interview with Maps Director of Marketing Brad Burge. Host Rabia Yeaman talks with Rick about FDA approved research and testing with various psychedelics under clinical conditions.

Since the original airing in 2014 we’ve seen tremendous growth and strides in the use of psychedelics and psychotropic substances in clinical settings. Most recently 

In 2018, researchers at Johns Hopkins University suggested reclassification of magic mushrooms to a Schedule IV drug for medical use. The researchers suggested that they could help treat depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders. Since then we have several cities decriminalize psychedelics that come from plants and fungi, including magic mushrooms. As of this date, Oakland and Denver have decriminalized mushroom derived psychedelics.


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