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What are Public Affairs?

Public affairs radio programming is broadcast media that addresses matters of public policy and general interest. Educational, informative, cultural and appropriate for all listeners of a station, this programming covers a wide range of topics important to the community. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires AM and FM radio broadcast stations to act as public trustees. Providing public affairs programming as part of their regularly scheduled broadcast time fulfills this obligation. This ensures the public has access to vital information that pertains to the community which is not primarily marketing, advertising, or entertainment material. 


What Shows on KBOO are Public Affairs Shows? 

The Global Sail 



This is a 7pm talk show presented on the first Wednesday of the month. Through live conversations, I interact with immigrants and refugees from across the world. I encourage storytelling through interviews and reflections. The narratives help inform, educate, and entertain the community. The community can be motivated to appreciate strangers in the shared space where every human being is valid and dignified. We promote knowledge, understanding, awareness, kindness, and appreciation of humanity. We also get to listen to fun facts about any country, global music, cuisines, and cultures. Please tune in and have fun! 

Every First Wednesday of the Month, from 7 PM to 8 PM

Once Upon A Time


KBOO welcomes Consuelo to our family of Public Affairs programming.

Consuelo, originally from Chile, talks to us about the program, which is dedicated to autobiography, and not necessarily her autobiography, but your autobiography. You writing in first person, and writing essentially about your life. It has a chronological order, and it can shed light on specific events that happened in your life. Here, we are focusing and listening to your own work. This is what is important to us. We believe in the power of words, to communicate with the world, but also to communicate to ourselves. Some words can be healing and uplifting, others can be poison to your mind. Autobiography is a narrative about a time that is different, memories that have shaped who we are.

Every 1st and 3rd Friday, at 11:00am live in the airroom. The phone lines will be always open during the show.

Keeping It Real With Lisa Loving



Journalist Lisa Loving brings grassroots activists on the air to talk about local issues -- and what YOU can do to plug into community movements, now. 

A one-hour morning weekly show, Thursdays at 8:00am

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