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Wed, 02/28/2024 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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Rae Gordon
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Interview with Nick Waldon Poublon and Rae Gordon


PDX Progressive Talk Radio - Wednesday, February 28, 2024

News Rundown: 

Summer Alert! PBOT Announced “Over $100 million in transportation investments across the city and on several of Portland’s most dangerous streets.” That’s a quote from the Portland.gov website.

This is interesting considering their statements over the past rough weather snaps where they were saying they couldn’t pay to plow the streets. So, where is the funding coming from? 

“Funding for these major investments relies largely on outside sources like federal and state grants, as well as dedicated local funding such as the Fixing Our Streets 10-cent gas tax and Transportation System Development Charges. Local transportation partners such as Metro and TriMet also make significant investments. PBOT continues to grapple with a shortfall in parking revenue and State Highway funding that funds basic transportation maintenance, operations, and programming.”

Link to the article

Sam Adams wants to be on the Multnomah County Board District 2

Sam Adams has announced his plans to run for the Multnomah County Board District 2. This should be an interesting race considering Mr. Adams history with Portland. He was a consistent presence during the Vera Katz administration as Chief of Staff, then he became Mayor of Portland amid scandal, then he ran for City Council and lost, he did spend some time in Mayor Ted Wheeler’s administration but was fired.(though he says he resigned). We’ll have to see how the election in Multnomah County works out. You can learn about what he plans to do on the Willamette Week Website 

More Elections Around PDX
Closer in we have Kevin Fitts running for Multnomah County Board in District 1 you can learn about Kevin at www.vote4kevinfitts.com and our very own Moses Ross running for Portland City Council in District 4 visit www.mose4pdx.com for information about Moses. There are tons of candidates in the race for City Council. We look forward to talking with some of them. You can learn about each candidate at https://www.portland.gov/ In the small donor elections section.

On the National Stage

Nationally - We learned today that Mitch McConnell is stepping down at the end of 2024. Is it about time or what? This morning, the AP reported that he’s the longest serving senate leader in history, he just tuned 82, and as you may know he’s had some lapses over the past year. He gave a statement - ““One of life’s most underappreciated talents is to know when it’s time to move on to life’s next chapter, So I stand before you today ... to say that this will be my last term as Republican leader of the Senate.”

I need to introduce our board op tonight. His name is Zack and I am so happy to have him here because it’s a busy night and trying to do it all myself was more of a challenge then I wish to pursue at this time so a Huge Thank You to Zack for saving me 🙂

In Clackamas County, My guests were Nick Waldon Poublon an Rae Gordon.

Nick Walden Poublon

Nick Walden Poublon lives in Sandy Oregon at the base of Mt. Hood where he is running to represent House District 52 in the state house. Nick served for over a decade as the Student Health Advisor at Portland State University and worked most recent as an Alcohol and Drug Prevention Specialist for the city of Sandy. Nick is the former 1st Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Clackamas County. He currently serves as the President of the Oregon Trail Democrats and is the Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon’s Healthcare Caucus.

Learn more about Nick on his website

Rae Gordon 

Rae Gordon is a community leader and volunteer, small business owner, musician and a former Clackamas County Employee.  

She is running for Clackamas County Commissioner seat 4  to give a voice to everyone.

Learn more about Rae Gordon on her website


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