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Wed, 04/24/2024 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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April Lambert
Craig Roberts for Clackamas County
Discussions around the looming ban of TikTok and the Clackamas County Commissioner Race

Remember to Register to Vote by April 30th.

US Senate Votes to Ban TikTok - Story updated on the Associated Press

Senate passed their bill forcing TikTok’s parent company to sell or face U.S. ban

From the PBS Article by Haleluya Hadero, Associated Press


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate passed legislation Tuesday that would force TikTok’s China-based parent company to sell the social media platform under the threat of a ban, a contentious move by U.S. lawmakers that’s expected to face legal challenges and disrupt the lives of content creators who rely on the short-form video app for income.

The TikTok legislation was included as part of a larger $95 billion package that provides foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel and was passed 79-18. It now goes to President Joe Biden, who has backed the TikTok proposal and has said he will sign the package as soon as he gets it.

A decision made by House Republicans last week to attach the TikTok bill to the high-priority package helped expedite its passage in Congress and came after negotiations with the Senate, where an earlier version of the bill had stalled. That version had given TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, six months to divest its stakes in the platform. But it drew skepticism from some key lawmakers concerned it was too short of a window for a complex deal that could be worth tens of billions of dollars.”

There are people saying that Meta wants to buy the platform, but Kevin O’Leary, otherwise known as “Mister Wonderful” said that neither Google or Meta will buy the platform due to regulatory issues in a statement to NBC during a recent interview. Steven Mnuchin and a right wing social app known as Rumble have thrown their hands in to build a consortium to buy TikTok. You can learn more about that by searching “Who should buy TikTok? These are the people who could acquire the app” it’s on the NBC website." 

Follow this link for the full story

What's Happening with Portland Primaries?

May 21st is Primary Day :) 

Many primaries are going on around the state, in Portland we have:

No City Candidates are on the ballot for the primary thanks to 2022’s Measure 26-228 where Portland City voters decided they wanted to vote for City candidates during the general election, we’ll have to see how that shakes out.

The City does have one issue to present:

Measure 26-245, I’m not a Portland resident so I only have what’s on the Portland City Government website which states this issue focuses on Renewing Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax for Street Repair, Maintenance, Safety

The City is asking to renew the 10 cent gas tax for another 4 years. They believe renewing this tax for 4 years will raise 70.5 Million dollars over the next 4 years and would take effect in January 2025. You can learn more about this measure at the portland.gov website or on our show page at KBOO.FM

In the County, we’ll see primaries a plenty:

There are honestly, too many election decisions to make so we’ve added the link to the Multnomah County Voters Guide to our show page.

All 5 County Commissioner Seats are open for the taking. I know a couple of the people running and the crowd looks like it’s filled with well qualified leaders.

The Cities of Gresham and Portland both have measures but Metro also has a measure around Animal Safety at the Zoo and water conservation. Measure 26-244 looks really interesting in a discussion format. We’ll have to see if it wins and talk about it.

Multnomah County Elections

There’s tons more but we’re moving on.

My Guest is April Lambert, Candidate for Clackamas County Commissioner in Seat 1

- April has a strong professional background in workforce development, nonprofit formation and leadership, education, behavioral health care, and has even served people in both jail and prison. She chose to run for Position One because she believes her leadership style would produce a healthy and functional culture with the county's board of commissioners. April wants voters to know that Tootie Smith did not vote to shut down the office of equity and inclusion, but believes she could’ve done more to address it, and is encouraging her, and the current board to take steps now. 

In Clackamas County, the primary considers who will take Seat 1 and Seat 4

Our listeners have heard from candidates for Seat 4. I'm reaching out to Mark Shull to seek an interview that I’ll record and have up before the primary. In the interim, I was fortunate enough to have Craig Roberts sit with me for 15 minutes last week, we’ll play it in a moment. Tootie said she had scheduling conflicts, she knows who I am, so… sure, ok. 

Let’s take a few minutes to hear my interview with Craig Roberts candidate for Clackamas County Commissioner Seat 1

Listen to the show to hear April's interview.

We invited Tootie Smith to interview but she said she had schedule conflicts.

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