World's Finest/Rainbow Electric/Eric Kallio Trio

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Thu, 12/12/2019 - 10:00pm to Fri, 12/13/2019 - 12:00am
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3 bands, 2 interviews, 1 live set and a ticket giveaway.

World's Finest is coming in the promote a few upcoming shows and give away TICKETS. Rainbow Electric is premiering their new debut album, recently released. Eric Kallio is bringing in his blues trio for an unplugged live set. 12.12.19 10pm to midnight.

Best described as Neo-Americana, World's Finest has bridged the gap between Ska, Americana, Folk, Dub and Bluegrass. Strong songwriting, beautiful vocal harmonies, engaging band interplay and hallucinogenic improvisation are only a handful of the many reasons why the band has garnered critical acclaim, and an ever-growing regional and national fan base.

There is so much Grateful Dead spin-off music these days, and most of them are cover bands. WE ARE NOT A COVER BAND! We play primarily original music, along with some tastefully chosen covers.
If you're into music in general, this is something anyone can groove to! It's dance-able, singable, and all around feel-goody! Coming to a music venue near you!

Since 1993 I have been exploring ways to communicate with various guitars. From the hills of Virginia to the mountains of Oregon, my music is heavily inspired by the natural world.  I am currently releasing my second album under my label "Glass Wood & Steel Productions".  I perform in the NW regularly with my three different styles of American acoustic guitars.  I sing my heart out while performing with a flat-pick, slide, steel bar, and finger picks. Through collaborations with other local artists, my goal is to produce unique records, while offering improvisational and intimate live performances.

Eric Kallio


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