It's KBOO's Fall Membership Drive! Call 877-500-5266 or join online now!

New membership cards continue the art roll-out

This week, we're busy working out mailing the first batch of our brand-new membership cards.  Thanks for your patience if you've been wondering when your KBOO membership card would arrive. Is it time to renew your membership?  Do it online and get one of these new cards, wh... Read more

Haiti Fundraiser - March 15 deadline

The final tally of pledges from our special day of programming for Haiti earthquake recovery efforts is $11,903!  KBOO is donating 100% of all dollars raised, to be equally distributed to Konbit pou Aiti (Working together for Haiti), Our Soil, Honor and Respect Foundation, ... Read more

Fundraising for Haiti

So as of 5:30pm, we've raised just over $6,000 for Haitian relief efforts through our special day of programming.  But the special goes until 10 pm, and we'd love to reach $10,000 before then.  We'll accept donations online until midnight and then that's it.  If you've not ... Read more

Winter membership drive reaches financial goal!

Just a little while ago, we crossed the $50,000 goal for our 2010 Winter membership drive!  Thanks very much to every one who made a donation!  We're all very gratified that you appreciate the work we do. If you didn't pay on the phone with the volunteer you spoke with, or e... Read more

Winter Drive is half over...except for the fundraising

Our 2010 Winter membership drive ends Saturday.  However we are slightly behind on our goal so we'd really love you to send KBOO your support right now to ensure that we stay on budget this year.  Nearly 90% of our annual operating revenue comes from individual donors, and ... Read more

So what's this membership blog for anyway?

I'd really like to know.  Specifically, what would encourage you to come back repeatedly?  What do KBOO members (and potential members) want to read about at the Membership Director's blog?  Calendar of internal events / meetings relevant to members? Links to minutes from KB... Read more

2009 Give!Guide Results

Thanks very much to everyone who made a contribution through the 2009 Give!Guide, especially if you chose KBOO as a recipient.  As predicted, the final week was really wild, with both the number and dollar amount of donations increasing every day of the week, culminating in... Read more

KBOO Give!Guide Momentum Surges...

...passed $10,000!!  YAY!!  But you can still join in.    DONATE NOW Since Monday, dozens of wonderful listeners have donated thousands to KBOO via the Give!Guide.  Today's pace is even faster and with your help we can exceed last year's total.  Huge thanks to all our Give!G... Read more

Give!Guide Support for KBOO Leaps Upward - Join In!

Several dozen savvy and generous listeners have nearly doubled KBOO's total donations in the Give!Guide in just the past 10 days.  Thanks very much to all our 2009 Give!Guide donors thus far. Now it would be so amazing if we could double our current total again in another 1... Read more

Use the Give!Guide to support KBOO this month

The Give!Guide has been active for a few weeks now, and while we've been raising some money, we're looking to reach $20,000 by the end of the month.  With your help, possibly further encouraged by some incentives, we can definitely get there.  If you haven't ever contribute... Read more