NOTICE: KBOO’s board meeting scheduled for Monday, July 22nd at 6PM has been cancelled. The reason for the cancellation is that many board members are traveling/on vacation and so quorum is not possible. The next scheduled board meeting will be on Monday, August 26th at 6PM. Questions or comments can be emailed Thank you.

Fall Drive Extended to Wednesday October 20th

We're adding a few days to the Fall drive to make sure we can raise the funds needed by the station to keep itself funded for the next several months.  Our goal is $130,000 and you can contribute here, or simply pass the link along to friends who don't know about KBOO yet. Read more

KBOO Board & Bylaw Election Results

Dear KBOO Members- Thank you for taking time to vote in our annual election. KBOO would like to congratulate Paula Small, Devin Russo, Chris Andreae, and Keller Henry, these four will be KBOO's new board members starting in October. KBOO would like to thank Louis Sowa, Deena... Read more

Less than 7 days left to vote in KBOO election

Board candidate on-air forum audio is available through this post. The KBOO Annual Meeting takes place Sunday September 19th 1PM at Tabor Space - 5441 SE  Belmont.  This year's ballot has 12 candidates vying to fill 4 open seats on the KBOO  board.  There are also 2 propo... Read more

Whoa, it's time for the Fall sweepstakes already?

Yes, it's true the 2010 Fall Sweepstakes is underway.  Click that link to find out all the details, including how to enter if we didn't mail you a form.  But do it soon, as the deadline approaches. Read more

Voting in KBOO's Annual Election

We mailed ballots for our 2010 election to KBOO  members last week.  Member participation is highgly desired, so please take a little time in the next few weeks to carefully review the statements of board candidates as well as the proposed changes to KBOO's Bylaws before c... Read more

Spring Membership Drive Wrap Up

Thanks very much to everyone who made a contribution during our Spring membership drive! We concluded our drive at 7pm extremely close to our overall goal of $95,000.  We finished the on-air drive with $93,735, or 98.7% of the goal.  You can help make up this small gap by d... Read more

The end of the drive is within view

With less than 3 hours to go, we're now under $1500 away from our total Spring drive goal of $95,000.  This money comes from our listener-members and covers our basic operating expenses, which amount to $83 per hour or nearly $2000 / day. Join us by clicking here. Can't cov... Read more

Spring Membership Drive

5/14 - 5PM UPDATE: We're only $10k from our total goal.  Help us close the drive down early.  Donate here.   Between Thursday April 29 and Saturday May 15, our generous and loyal listeners and volunteers will raise $95,000 for KBOO so we can stay on budget this year.  We r... Read more

The Why and How of Monthly Deductions

Since its creation over two decades ago, KBOO donors have heartily embraced our monthly giving program.  And why not?  Automatic monthly giving is a really easy, and secure, way to give a little more to your favorite radio station, while reducing the impact of each donation... Read more

Final tally for Haiti relief

During our February 18th special to fundraise for Haitian earthquake recovery efforts, KBOO listeners generously donated nearly $12,000 to support four organziations picked by KBOO. Now that we've tallied all the actual payments, we're happy to report that we exceeded (by a... Read more