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An Eclectic Mix

Airs at: Mon, 08/12/2019 at 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Produced for A Different Nature

Joining the Ancestors Inside: Aging U.S. Political Prisoners

Airs at: Mon, 08/12/2019 at 6:30pm - 7:00pm
Produced for Prison Pipeline
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Adam Carpinelli interviews Kazi Toure, former Political Prisoner and member of the Jericho Movement for Political Prisoner Amnesty.  Discussion will focus on the life, incarceration and passing of Tom Manning a white anti-imperialist Political Prisoner.   More information... Read more

Radical Activist and Educator Erika Strauss Chavarria

Airs at: Mon, 08/12/2019 at 6:00pm - 6:30pm
Produced for Labor Radio
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Join us in a conversation with Maryland activist and educator Erika Strauss Chavarria.  Erika brought forward several proposals at the most recent NEA Representative Assembly attempting to push the union toward taking bold positions on reparations, Palestinian rights, and o... Read more

Evening News on 08/12/19

Airs at: Mon, 08/12/2019 at 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Produced for Evening News
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Pool Party

Airs at: Mon, 08/12/2019 at 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Produced for The Monday Sampler
The Sampler crew - Fortunato and Just Jess, set up today's show by the KBOO swimming pool. Film critic, DK Holm, is filling in as the bartender for KBOO's south sea island themed pool side wet bar, known as The BOO-zy Bar. He will discuss the new Quentin Tarantino movie, "O... Read more

The Noontime Jamboree on 08/12/19

Airs at: Mon, 08/12/2019 at 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Produced for The Noontime Jamboree

First Voices Radio

Airs at: Mon, 08/12/2019 at 11:00am - 12:00pm
Produced for First Voices Radio
In the first half-hour of this repeat edition, Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse welcomes Veronica Sheehan. Veronica was born in Mexico, lived in the U.S. for 25 years, and has been living in Costa Rica for the past 11 years. Veronica and her husband founded the Sustainability Demon... Read more

Crude Bailout

Airs at: Mon, 08/12/2019 at 10:00am - 11:00am
Produced for Locus Focus
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  This program aired originally on July 15, 2019 Have you wondered how Zenith Energy got a foothold in Portland to expand a moribund asphalt terminal into the largest tar sands export terminal on the West Coast? An investigative report, to be released on July 15, 2019, by ... Read more

The Women's Movement in Iran

Airs at: Mon, 08/12/2019 at 9:00am - 10:00am
Produced for Old Mole Variety Hour
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Bill Resnick interviews Catherine Sameh, a former member of the Old Mole collective who now teaches sexuality, gender studies and history at the University of California, Irvine and writes about and supports the struggles of Iranian women. In this second part of a two part ... Read more

Fascism, AntiFascism, & Mass Shootings

Airs at: Mon, 08/12/2019 at 9:00am - 10:00am
Produced for Old Mole Variety Hour
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Joe Clement talks with local fascism scholar and journalist, Shane Burley. They consider how right-wing mass shootings today are a form of "stochastic terrorism", a term that's trending as more people are naming the covert way "lone wolf shooters" are deliberately incited a... Read more