New Releases April 5, 2012

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New Releases added to the KBOO Music Library the week of April 5, 2012

Batida (Angolan-Portuguese)    Self-titled    Soundway    Africa (contemporary)
Rob aka Funky Robway    Make It Fast, Make It Slow    Soundway    Africa (contemporary)
Infamous String Dusters    Silver Sky    High Country    Bluegrass
Clark    Iradelphic    Warp    Electronica
Elephant & Castle    Transitions    Plug Research    Electronica
Sanchez, Congo    Vol. 1 EP    ESL Music    Electronica
Northern Valentine    Fin de Siecle    Silber     Experimental
DHX, Derek    The Emotion Circuit    Syncopated Industries    Hiphop
Headphone Party    Self-titled    Self-released    Hiphop
M-Phazes    Phazed Out    Coalmine    Hiphop
Selena    Enamorada de ti    Capitol    Latin (popular)
Various artists    Tension: Spanish Experimental Underground    Munster    Latin Rock
Chef Menteur    East of the Sun & West of the Moon    Backporch Revolution    Rock (alt/punk)
Conn, Bobby    Macaroni Album    Fire Records    Rock (alt/punk)
Feedtime    Today is Friday    S-S Records    Rock (alt/punk)
Di Miro, Giardini    Good Luck    Towerblock    Rock (alt/punk)
Heavy Times    Kacker    HoZac    Rock (alt/punk)
Loquat    Ewe Could Be Arsonists    Nacional    Rock (alt/punk)
Penny Winblood    Self-titled    Forge    Rock (alt/punk)
Tu fawning    A Moment    City Slang    Rock (alt/punk)
Radar Eyes    Self-titled    HoZac    Rock (alt/punk)
Cooder, Joachim    Love on a Real Train    Aeronaut    Rock (oldies)
Dr. John    Locked Down    Nonesuch    Rock (oldies)
Earle, Stacy & Mark Stuart    Dedication    Gearle    Rock (oldies)
Edmonson, Kat    Way Down Low    Spinnerette    Rock (oldies)
Jaffe, Sarah    The Body Wins    Kirtland    Rock (oldies)
Raitt, Bonnie    Slipstream    Redwing    Rock (oldies)
Right Now    Gets You Over    Sweet Deebs    Rock (oldies)
Weller, Paul    Sonik Kicks    Yep Rock    Rock (oldies)
Young Hines    Give Me My Change    Readymande    Rock (oldies)
Various artists    Subway Salsa:The Montuno Records Story    Vampi Soul    Salsa/Latin Jazz
Russell, Alice & Quantic    Look Around the Corner    Tru Thoughts    Soul