Eclectic Pandemic

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Airs at: Mon, 01/24/2022 at 11:00pm - 12:00am
Eclectic Pandemic
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Every 4th Monday from 11:00 pm - Midnight

Going into 2020 was an exciting time to be alive! Living through 2020 as we all know has been a rather "intense" year for us all. Whether that be politics, health, pandemic issues unfolding, loss of loved ones, Protesting, increased amount of shootings, a large spike of homelessness, drug use and overdoses at a peak, lack of recourses for all walks of life, local businesses forced to shut down with no other choice. These situations that we, as Portlanders have all had to face has created a new system of living and way of life.

Not everything in day to day life has been as hectic and unnerving as mass Media seems to project We all do come together through acts of love, faith, resilience, perseverance, and a strong sense of what our community is struggling with to react with compassion and attention to the details of what is actually occurring in our city.

Eclectic Pandemic is a community involved show highlighting different organizations, services, programs, and anything or anyone that helps our planet, our animals, our plants, our water and our humans.

It is is a public affairs/music program that airs on 90.7FM every fourth Monday from 11pm to 12am.

The song choice reflects the topic of the show and includes requests from the main interviewee, residents, patients, employees and Thomas of Eclectic Pandemic.

The requests made from anyone involved in the interview or the topic of the show take priority of the set list.

Thomas may also suggest that others submit requests.

When Thomas of EP was asked "Why?" He explained,
"Because I admire selflessness and strive to make Portland a better place to live. Even if It's One hour at a time."

The first thought when the Program Director at KBOO informed him of the show slot was,"How can I make the show special and interesting  without it being about me myself and I?"  "How can I maintain a diverse music selection?
Growing up listening to heavy metal, punk rock, rap, R&B, funk, soul, electronic, pop, jazz, industrial, ambient, classical, symphony and anything that I considered to have the heartbeat that I enjoy formed a very eclectic taste.  
What better way to do so, than playing requests from the community as an outlet during this "pandemic.
To choose songs that relate to the topic of the show and not myself. 
To interview all on the front lines of these issues. 
To those who are tackling these events. 
Politically correct or not. 
Without bias.
For us all. 

Eclectic Pandemic
Nobody will be left out in the rain.

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Eclectic Pandemic on 12/30/21

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